About Us

Art N' Motion has been building and designing water features since 1989. We strive to convey our personal integrity in all aspects of our work, and to give to the consumer the power and recognition of our thoughtful and honest approach to the integration of our water elements and the importance of water in all aspects of our life.

The power of water is profound; it is the only liquid that stores human energy so to have it incorporated in all spaces is essential in this day and age of such fast paced living. The soothing elements are so restorative and beneficial that we at Art N' Motion feel compelled to bring it into our design work from home, commercial spaces to all environments.

Art N' Motion is a company dedicated to design, manufacture, and installation of the highest quality water features anywhere. These custom works of art come in any size, several mediums, and are ideal for all settings, indoors or outdoors, from home to business. Art 'N Motions beautiful water features provide sound and endless changing patterns, we customize each piece to mirror and compliment your surroundings.

These custom water features are designed for tranquility, relaxation, meditation, feng shui and they enable us to feel invigorated and refreshed.