1. ConceptCustom designed water features using state of the art CAD drawings.
    With the client, we review the water sculpture concepts, drawings, and sketches. These initial stages allow us to understand the client's goals, as well as to explain the possibilities and limitations.

  2. Questions
    At this stage, we will both have important questions for each other. Therefore, we again review and discuss the drawings or sketches and reach an agreed project scope.

  3. Budget
    We then determine the cost and timeline for the project and submit a quote for review.

  4. Final Drawings
    Once all matters pertaining to the quote are agreed upon, we proceed to create shop drawings. (We do have many occasions where the water feature does not require work shop drawings, therefore this step would be omitted.)

  5. Client Sign-Off
    The client reviews and if all is well, then the drawings are approved and signed.

  6. Project Completion
    Our time frame on projects is 6 to 8 weeks after approval of work shop drawings (some times more or less depending on our work load and scope of the project).